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  Commission Responsibilities
Within thirty (30) working days, the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities files notification with the U.S. Department of Education the actions it has taken on institutions. However, it immediately files copies of institutional action letters that involve adverse action, Probation, or Show-Cause. The Commission responds to U.S. Department of Education inquiries regarding institutional eligibility for participation in the Higher Education Act programs, including Title IV. It notifies the institution of claims of Title IV fraud and abuse and shares with the Department clear evidence of possible Title IV fraud and abuse.
In considering whether to grant Candidacy or Initial Accreditation status, the Commission requires that an institution report actions taken by other recognized accrediting bodies which have (a) denied such status to the institution, (b) placed the institution on public probation, or (c) revoked the institution's accreditation or preaccreditation status.
The Commission will not reaffirm the candidacy or accreditation of an institution during a period in which the institution has: (1) a pending or final action brought by a state agency to suspend, revoke, withdraw, or terminate the institution's legal authority to provide postsecondary education in the state; (2) a decision by a recognized agency to deny accreditation or preaccreditation; (3) a pending or final action brought by a recognized accrediting agency to suspend, revoke, withdraw, or terminate the institution's accreditation or preaccreditation; or (4) Probation or an equivalent status imposed by a recognized agency.
The Commission maintains official records of Commission actions on institutions. It also retains copies of institutional reports and materials, and copies of evaluation reports through two complete evaluation cycles. The Commission routinely shares with other recognized accrediting bodies the accreditation or candidacy status of all of its accredited and preaccredited institutions.