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4 Ways NWCCU Uses Social Media to Elevate Engagement in 2020

Nov. 4, 2020 ⋅ Categories: NWCCU
NWCCU is entering into the world of social media! Social media has increasingly become an effective communications resource, particularly during the pandemic. Stay up to date with us on Twitter and Facebook.

Increase Engagement

Our social media platforms will allow us to connect with our member institutions and other thought leaders in higher education in a new and meaningful way. We love to see what colleges and universities are doing to learn and grow during this time. We also want those communities to be aware of who we are and feel comfortable communicating their questions or concerns. Higher education, like social media, hinges on a foundation of communication and connection. Thoughtful engagement expands our reach and opens us up to a whole new audience.

Act As A Resource

What is the process of accreditation? How does someone become an institutional evaluator? What is the difference between equity and equity-mindedness? NWCCU uses its social media platforms to distribute resources to our member institutions about a wide variety of topics. Social media allows our organization to serve our member institutions and provide specialized guidance through media trends. Although we host workshops, social media acts as an alternative space to share pertinent information.

Highlight Events

These new channels of communication allow NWCCU to widely publicize the variety of workshops and webinars we offer. The 2020 NWCCU Annual Conference, on November 18-20, is a fantastic opportunity for colleges to learn about promoting economic and social mobility within their institutions during these challenging times caused by the pandemic. NWCCU also has robust programming for staff, faculty, and administrators on topics of student success, retention, and institutional measures of quality.

Showcase Exciting News From Other Colleges

Our member institutions consistently design creative and resourceful ways to impact student success. Our social media platforms allow us to track these programs and share the information within our networks and beyond. We are continually learning and growing together, and it is truly amazing to see the different ways colleges and universities rise to the occasion.

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