Accreditation Approval

Institutions granted Initial Accreditation are not accredited for a specific number of years. They are expected to submit an interim report in the first and third year following the year of initial accreditation and to conduct a comprehensive self-study and host an evaluation committee in the seventh year following the year of initial accreditation. If, in the Commission’s judgment, an institution is not ready for membership, it may defer a decision pending further reports on specific matters and/ or a visit by a small committee, or it might deny initial accreditation.

When Accreditation is initially granted by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, the effective date of accreditation is September 1 of the academic year in which the Commission took action. For example, if the Commission granted Initial Accreditation in summer of 2009, the effective date of Accreditation is September 1, 2008.

Accreditation is not granted permanently or for a definite number of years. It is an ongoing status that must be reaffirmed periodically. Every institution is to conduct a self-study and be visited by an evaluation committee at least every seven years. In addition, each institution is to prepare a Mid-Cycle Self-Evaluation report (usually in the third year following a comprehensive evaluation) and be visited by a team of two evaluators. At the time of reaffirmation, the Commission may request an institution to submit additional reports at specified times or to submit additional reports and receive a visit by a small evaluation committee. The Commission may also request that an institution conduct a complete self-study and be visited by a comprehensive evaluation committee.