Institutions granted candidacy status must agree to the following terms:

  1. Use the prescribed official definition for Candidate for Accreditation in all official publications and correspondence.
  2. Ensure that candidacy covers only those programs, degrees, and geographic locations of the institution at the time recognition was granted. Program, degree, and geographic location changes must be approved in advance by the Commission. (See Substantive Change Policy.)
  3. File an Annual Report with the office of the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.
  4. After initial candidacy is granted, submit an Interim Candidacy Self-Evaluation Report eighteen months after Candidacy and again three years after Candidacy within a five-year period depending on Candidacy date.
  5. As a component of the Interim Candidacy evaluation process, host an on-site visit by representatives of the Commission for Continuation of Candidacy status every 18 months after initial candidacy is granted, or earlier if requested by the Commission.
  6. Apply for accreditation only after consultation with the President of the Commission.
  7. Copies of any doctrinal statements required for employment, promotion, and tenure.
  8. Policies governing the employment, orientation, and evaluation of part-time faculty and teaching fellows, if applicable.
  9. Summary reports of faculty involvement with public services/community services.
  10. Institutional policies regarding scholarship and artistic creation by faculty and students.
  11. Institutional policies regarding research activity, including sponsored research by faculty and students.
  12. Summary of the faculty role in developing and monitoring policies and practices scholarship, artistic creation, and research.

Candidacy lapses when an institution fails to achieve accredited status within five years. An institution whose Candidacy lapses must wait at least two years before resubmitting an Application for Consideration.

The Commission also reserves the right during the Candidacy period to withdraw the institution’s Candidacy status, after due notice, if evidence of progress is lacking or if the conditions on which the institution was admitted to Candidacy are substantially altered. If the Commission judges that candidacy status should be removed, a Show-Cause order will be issued requesting that the institution respond to the expressed concerns of the Commission. The burden of proof rests with the institution to demonstrate why its candidacy should be continued.

If the Commission acts to withdraw an institution’s Candidate status, the action may be appealed. (See Appeals Policy and Procedures.) Pending action on appeal, the Candidacy status remains in effect. An institution whose Candidacy status is withdrawn by the Commission must wait a minimum of two years before resubmitting an Application for Consideration.

Additional information may be found in Candidate for Accreditation, Accreditation Handbook, pages 9-13.