In arriving at a decision on candidacy, the Commission:

  1. reviews the self-study and other institutional documents;
  2. reviews the report of the evaluation committee;
  3. reviews the institution’s written response to the evaluation committee report, if submitted;
  4. discusses with the chair of the evaluation committee the report and confidential recommendation regarding candidacy; and
  5. meets with the institution’s chief executive officer and invites him or her to make a statement on behalf of the institution.

Once the Commission has made a decision regarding candidacy or accreditation of an institution, it provides written notification of the action to the institution within one month of the date the action was taken. Commission action with regard to institutions include:

  1. Grant Candidacy or Initial Accreditation.
  2. Continue Candidacy or Reaffirm Accreditation.
  3. Request an Ad Hoc or Special Report and/or Visit.
  4. Defer action on Candidacy or Accreditation.
  5. Issue or Continue Warning.
  6. Impose or Continue Probation.
  7. Issue or Continue a Show-Cause order with Candidacy or Accreditation to terminate unless the institution has demonstrated, to the satisfaction of the Commission that it has satisfied the Commission’s concerns or responded to its directives prior to a specified date.
  8. Deny Candidacy or Accreditation.
  9. Terminate Candidacy or Accreditation.

All of the Commission actions set forth above are posted to the Commission’s website, published in the Directory of Accredited and Preaccredited Institutions, and in the minutes of the Commission meeting at which the action took place. In addition, in taking any of the above actions, the Commission may impose conditions on continued accreditation or candidacy status or request additional reporting or site visits. (See Notification to the US Department of Education Policy.)

Reapplication for Accreditation. An institution not granted Candidacy or Initial Accreditation may resubmit an Application for Consideration no fewer than two years following the date of the Commission’s action to deny Candidacy or Initial Accreditation. An institution whose Candidacy or Accreditation has been terminated may resubmit an Application for Consideration no fewer than two years following the date of the Commission’s action to terminate Candidacy or Accreditation.