Peer Evaluation

Following submission of the institution’s self-study report, which may not be earlier than one year or later than three years after the acceptance of the institution’s Application for Consideration for candidacy, an onsite evaluation visit is conducted. The self-study report is to be submitted at least four to six weeks prior to the visit. An electronic copy and printed copies of the self-study are to be mailed to the Commission office and to members of the evaluation committee. The size of the evaluation committee will be determined by the size and complexity of the institution. The charge for a candidate evaluation visit is $2,000 per evaluator, but the Commission reserves the right to adjust the evaluation fee to fit unusual circumstances associated with the visit.

The institution’s self-study report and evaluation committee’s report are discussed with the evaluation committee chair and the chief executive officer of the institution during Commission meetings. The Commission also considers a confidential recommendation submitted by the evaluation committee. Following a review of all relevant materials, the Commission determines whether or not the institution:

  1. appears organized, staffed, and supported to offer the educational programs and services as published in the catalog; and
  2. appears to have the potential for meeting enrollment projections and for achieving institutional stability in order to qualify for accreditation within five years.

Following the meeting, the institution’s chief executive officer is notified in writing of the Commission’s action. If granted, the effective date of Candidacy is the date of the Commission’s action. In case of denial, the reasons will be stated.

The Commission permits the withdrawal of a request for recognition as a Candidate for Accreditation at any time prior to final action by the Commission. If an institution is denied candidacy by the Commission, it must wait at least two years before resubmitting an Application for Consideration. The institution has the option of appealing a Commission decision to deny Candidacy. (See Appeals Policy and Procedures.)

For more information on the evaluation process, see the Accreditation Handbook.