NWCCU Policies

Linked Policies are PDF documents.

Accreditation Criteria Policy – Updated December 2020

Accreditation Liaison Officer Policy – Updated June 2020

Accreditation of Non-U.S Institutions Policy

Accreditation for System Institutions Policy

Accreditation Records Retention Policy

Annual Report Policy

Antitrust Policy – Adopted December 2020

Arbitration Policy – Adopted December 2020

Collective Bargaining Policy

Commission Action Regarding Institutional Compliance Within Specified Period

Commissioner Qualifications and Responsibilities

Complaints Against NWCCU

Complaints Regarding Member or Candidate Institutions Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy – Updated December 2020

Contractual Relationships with Organizations Not Regionally Accredited Policy

Correspondence Education

Credit Hour Policy

Definition of E & G Expenditures for Determining Annual Institutional Dues Policy

Distance Education Policy

Gift Policy – Adopted December 2020

Institutional Advertising, Student Recruitment, and Representation of Accredited Status Policy

Institutional Response to an Onsite Evaluation Report Policy

Institutions Accredited by Another Accreditor – Updated December 2020

Legal Costs and Obligations Policy – Adopted December 2020

Notification to the United States Department of Education

Procedure for Appeals – Updated December 2020

Procedure to Close a Program, Branch Campus or Institution – Updated June 2020

Public Disclosure of Information Regarding Type of Accreditation Granted, Criteria, Accreditation Procedures, Evaluation Schedule, and Commissioners and Commission Staff Policy

Public Notification About Affiliated Institutions Policy

Public Notification and Third Party Comments Regarding Year Seven Evaluations Policy

Receipt of Unsolicited Information Policy

Record of Student Complaints

Related Entities Policy

Representation of Academic and Administrative Personnel on Decision-Making Bodies

Requests for Waiver Policy

Responsibilities for Title IV Oversight Policy

Retention of Records

Review of Accreditation Criteria Policy

Significant Growth Policy

Student Verification Policy

Substantive Change Policy

Training of New Commissioners

Transfer and Award of Academic Credit

Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy – Adopted August 2020

Whistleblower Policy – Updated June 2020


Temporary Policies:

Temporary Policy on Virtual Accreditation Evaluation Visits – Expired (see Resolution)