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Updated NWCCU Policies

The NWCCU Board of Commissioners met January 18-21, 2022 and among the actions taken during the meeting, the following resolution was approved. NWCCU Resolution Regarding Certain Operations During Exi...Read More

V4I2: 2021 NWCCU Annual Conference

Register Now for the 2021 NWCCU Annual Conference! November 18-19, 2021 The two-day annual conference event, and two days of pre-conference workshops, will feature leaders in higher education, data, t...Read More

V3I3: Updated Policies and Bylaws

The Bylaws, Standards, and Policies Committee has been working hard this year to review and update NWCCU policies to ensure that they align with current practice and updated Federal Regulations, we pl...Read More
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