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ALO Institute

ALO Institute

NWCCU is excited to offer a virtual course to all of our ALOs (new and experienced!) to help further support you in this role. While the NWCCU staff liaisons are the main points of contact for questions related to each institution’s accreditation, we hope that ALOs find these resources helpful in getting to know more about the role and its responsibilities.


The purpose of this course is to provide ALOs with a hub of resources as they navigate the day-to-day of the ALO role. Users will notice that this course is designed as a “Choose Your Own Adventure,” meaning that you are unlikely to complete it sequentially (or in its entirety!). Instead, we invite you to explore the areas that are going to be most meaningful and beneficial to wherever you are at in the accreditation cycle.

It is important to highlight that this is an ever evolving and dynamic resource. We will update the course as resources are updated or become available. For example, you will notice we do not yet have materials surrounding Substantive Change, the Annual Report, or the PRFR. We anticipate a complete rollout of these modules this summer.


Please note that ALOs will need to log in to the course via NWCCU’s unique Canvas instance: Even if your institution uses Canvas, you will need to make sure that you are using NWCCU’s instance and not your institution’s to access the course.

Need access and/or technical support? Please contact Joe Calise, NWCCU’s Director of IT and Operations.

Access the Course Here

Thank you to our advisory board and video hosts!

NWCCU would be remiss if we didn’t mention the individuals without whom this course would not have been possible. We appreciate the time you took to provide feedback and share your experiences and expertise. Thank you.

Content Co-Creator

Sue Balter-Reitz, MSU-Billings

Advisory Board

  • Joyce Hammer, Centralia College​
  • Susan Kalina, University of Alaska, Anchorage​
  • Ron Large, Gonzaga University​
  • Linda Makin, Utah Valley University​
  • Alexis Malepeai, College of Western Idaho​
  • SaraBecca Martin, Heritage University​
  • Dean Panttaja, University of Idaho
  • Rosemary Thackery, Brigham Young University
  • Kathleen Thatcher, Montana State University Billings

Video Hosts

  • Shannon Beets, University of Nevada, Reno
  • Ron Large, Gonzaga University
  • SaraBecca Martin, Heritage University
  • Kathleen Thatcher, Montana State University Billings
  • Jeff Wagnitz, Bates Technical College