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Institution Forms & Guidelines

NWCCU has collected documents, forms, and information that will be useful to evaluators and institutions. The links below are PDF or Word copies of relevant documents, including the Eligibility Requirements and Standards for Accreditation.

The Basics

The following resources are materials related to various aspects of working with NWCCU.

Accreditation Liaison Officers Handbook
Institutional Report Certification Form This should accompany all submitted reports.
Rubric for Standards 1.B.1 to 1.B.4
Rubric for Standards 1.C.1 to 1.C.9
Rubric for Standards 1.D.1 to 1.D.4
Peer Institutions and Benchmarking FAQ


The following resources are related to the various types of evaluations.

Mid-Cycle Guidelines Guidelines for the preparation of Mid-Cycle Reports. Revised June 2023.
PRFR Guidelines Guidelines for preparation of the Policies, Regulations, and Finances Review . Revised June 2023.
PRFR Template The PRFR panels use this template as they review the institutions self-evaluation.
EIE Public Disclosures Requirements Public Disclosures Required by Institutions for Evaluations of Institutional Effectiveness Reports.
EIE Guidelines Guidelines for the preparation of EIE Reports
EIE Forum Guidance

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