Upcoming Evaluations

Notification of the Opportunity for Comment

Accreditation by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities represents the Commission’s judgment that an institution is satisfactorily achieving its mission and educational purpose and that it meets or exceeds the Commission’s standards of quality and effectiveness.

The Commission values information provided by students, employees, and others in determining whether an institution’s performance is consistent with the Standards for Accreditation and Commission Policies and Procedures. As a general rule, third-party comments are usually general comments of a substantive nature about a member institution.

Individuals should review the Public Disclosures Required by an Institution Policy for more information on communicating comments on member institutions. If, after reviewing the policy, you have questions or are unsure of the procedures to follow in submitting a comment, please feel free to contact the Commission office.

The Commission hereby notifies students, employees and members of the public regarding the opportunity for third-party comments about the following member institutions with upcoming Year Seven, Initial Candidacy, Interim Candidacy, or Initial Accreditation evaluations.

Please note the following:

  • Third-party comments are not accepted for Mid-Cycle evaluations.
  • Third-party comments will be reviewed by NWCCU staff and if relevant to the visit, will be shared with the institution and NWCCU’s evaluation team.
  • For all other evaluations, third-party comments must be received at least ten days before the evaluation. Note that comments not meeting this requirement will not be processed.
  • All third party comments must be signed.
    • If submitting via the online form, you will be asked to provide an eSignature. If you choose to mail your comments to the Commission office, the submission must be signed or it will not be processed.
    • Third-party comments submitted by more than one individual must include everyone’s signature.
    • If compelling justification is provided for why the identity of the third-party commenter(s) need(s) to be protected, NWCCU may consider the same and remove the identity of the commenter(s) before the third-party comment is shared with the institution and NWCCU’s evaluation team.
  • Third-party comments are not accepted via email and will not be discussed over the phone.
  • Third-party comments will be shared with the institution and NWCCU’s evaluation team and are not anonymous.

Third-party comments may be submitted to the Commission office via US Postal Service, courier, or the online form below.

To submit a third-party comment via mail or courier, please send to the Commission office at:

Attn: Third-Party Comment
8060 165th Ave NE, Suite 200
Redmond, WA 98052

Fall 2023

College of Western IdahoEvaluation of Institutional Effectiveness
Linn-Benton Community CollegeEvaluation of Institutional Effectiveness
Montana State University – NorthernEvaluation of Institutional Effectiveness
Mt. Hood Community CollegeEvaluation of Institutional Effectiveness
Northwest Nazarene UniversityEvaluation of Institutional Effectiveness
Pacific UniversityEvaluation of Institutional Effectiveness
Pierce CollegeEvaluation of Institutional Effectiveness
Southern Oregon UniversityEvaluation of Institutional Effectiveness
University of Nevada, RenoEvaluation of Institutional Effectiveness
University of PresentationsEvaluation of Institutional Effectiveness
Western Governors UniversityEvaluation of Institutional Effectiveness

Spring 2024

Aaniiih Nakoda CollegeEvaluation of Institutional Effectiveness
Bushnell UniversityEvaluation of Institutional Effectiveness
Columbia Basin CollegeEvaluation of Institutional Effectiveness
Edmonds CollegeEvaluation of Institutional Effectiveness
Helena College University of MontanaEvaluation of Institutional Effectiveness
Montana Technological UniversityEvaluation of Institutional Effectiveness
National University of Natural MedicineEvaluation of Institutional Effectiveness
Northwest Indian CollegeEvaluation of Institutional Effectiveness
The University of Montana – MissoulaEvaluation of Institutional Effectiveness
University of OregonEvaluation of Institutional Effectiveness
Western Washington UniversityEvaluation of Institutional Effectiveness
Whitman CollegeEvaluation of Institutional Effectiveness