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Nia Shima-Franklin hired as part-time Social Media Manager

Sep. 4, 2020 ⋅ Categories: NWCCU

Nia Shima-Franklin is a social media marketer and copywriter from the Bay Area. Before coming to NWCCU, she managed social media for the web-series The Gaze: No Homo, a satiric dramedy and conversation on decolonizing the Black imagination. She has also worked with various local organizations, Prosper Portland, and Portland African American Leadership Forum. When she isn’t working on projects, she enjoys reading poetry, periodic naps, and quarantining with her cat, Boo Radley.

Nia will be establishing a social media presence for the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, posting content with NWCCU announcements, newsletter articles, and event registration details. With expanded visibility and communication outreach, these efforts will drive greater engagement with NWCCU content, and that of our member institutions.