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NWCCU Webinar: LGBTQ Student Success in Your Institution

June 11, 2021; 12:00 PM Pacific Time (Free)

Join this webinar for a conversation with Shelby Hearn, the Coordinator of Education and Outreach for the LGBT Resource Center at the University of Utah. Learn about their work and strategies to support the holistic success and wellbeing of LGBTQIA+ students at their institution, and lessons they’ve learned about developing affirming policies and programs for a student population often marginalized within institutions of higher education.

Moderated by: Jess Delegencia, NWCCU DEI Consultant

Featured speaker:

Shelby Hearn

Shelby (they/she) is the Coordinator of Education & Outreach for the LGBT Resource Center at the University of Utah. They primarily lead in education and community building initiatives. Before coming to the University of Utah, Shelby lived in Chicago where she earned her M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration from Loyola University Chicago. Their professional interests include blending student development theories into a holistic practice, advocating for and supporting underserved student populations, and fostering inclusive and radically welcoming campus environments. In their free time, Shelby can be found hanging with her 2 cats, listening to podcasts, cooking for loved ones, or volunteering with mutual aid orgs in SLC.

The LGBT Resource Center at the University of Utah (LGBT RC)

The LGBT RC was formally dedicated in April of 2002 as a result of longtime, concerted efforts of student activists with the support of faculty and University administration. Over the last nearly 20-years, the LGBT RC has evolved as a campus office that empowers LGBTQIA+ students to grow as leaders and learners by supporting them in navigating university systems, exploring their identities, finding community, and developing as leaders with a social justice lens. In addition to fostering student success within our current university structure, we change campus culture and systems through collaborative advocacy and education.


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