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Employability and Post-Completion Quality Assurance Webinar


Addressing College Student Hunger: Campus Solutions and Advocacy


Looking Beyond Higher Education’s Topline Numbers


Jewish Identity and Antisemitism

on Campus


October 2021 Substantive Change | Slides


Applying for the U.S. Department of Education’s 3rd Round of Second Chance Pell | Slides


Culturally-Responsive Postsecondary Performance Measurement for Student Success | Slides


Financial Dashboard Webinar | SlidesFAQ


Spring 2021 PRFR Training | Slides | Team Template | BYU Model Report | Chemeketa Model Report


LGBTQ Student Success in Your Institution | Slides


Data-Informed Decision Making, Transformation, and Equity | Slides


Narratives: How to incorporate them into data collection | Slides

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Engaging Your Campus Community in Accreditation | TRU Slides | WPU Slides


Teach-Outs- Expectations and Requirements | Slides


Year 6 Reporting- The PRFR and The Process | Slides | Team Template


Comprehensive Advising Models for Institutional Success


Benchmarking Approaches to Drive Institutional Change | Slides


Long-Term Crisis Management- Strategies for Supporting Faculty and Staff Mental Health


Accreditation Practices for a Virtual Evaluation | Slides


Surviving Today, Thriving Tomorrow | Slides


Rising Up Together to the Equity Challenge | Slides


Strategic Financing to Support Student Success | Slides


Team Chair Training May 2020 | Slides


Evaluator Training May 2020 | Slides 


Postsecondary Data Partnership Info Session | Slides 


Evaluator Training on 2020 Standards and Evaluation Cycle


Interstate Passport Streamlining Transfer for Increased Student Success


Kirby and Tippets: Successful Practices in Increasing Student Retention


Supporting Faculty-Led Assessment*

Webinar-Embedded Video One – Interview with Faculty Member

Webinar-Embedded Video Two – Mapping Accreditation Requirements

Webinar-Embedded Video – Rubric

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Successful Practices for Assessing Core Themes and Student Learning Outcomes for Mission Fulfillment – October 19th; Dr. Donald Wolff, Eastern Oregon University


Successful Practices for Assessing Core Themes and Student Learning Outcomes for Mission Fulfillment-October 30th, 2018; Drs. Stavrianeas and Stewart, Willamette University