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Letter From the President

Innovate or Dissipate

We know from experiences with various segments of our economy that innovations without intentionality is a fool’s errand.


NWCCU Topics

A Chance to Make Positive Change

Colleges and universities of all types have had to make innovative, creative changes to deliver educational content in the COVID landscape, and it has not been easy.


NWCCU Updates

PIVOT!!! The New Official Motto of 2020

2020 has been a remarkable year, and NWCCU has seen many changes as well. Some of these were planned far in advance, others have been quick pivots in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Reminders & Events

NWCCU Webinar:Comprehensive Advising Models For Institutional Success (Next Friday!)  


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Institution Topics  

University of Alaska Fairbanks: Access to Education During the Pandemic

Oregon State University: Math instruction evolves to fit the needs of today’s tech-savvy students


Equity & Inclusion

Dig Deeper into the NWCCU Equity Resource Library

Take a closer look at the Equity & Equity Mindedness transformational area, highlighting “Links to Look For” from each section to spark conversations and promote leading practices in equity and inclusion.


New Presidents

Welcome New Presidents

Learn who is new to Aaniiih Nakoda College, Clark College, College of Southern Idaho, Ilisagvik College, Montana State University Billings, National University of Natural Medicine, Seattle University, Simon Fraser University, and University of Nevada Reno.

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