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Letter From the President

Student- and Equity-Centered Curricula aka Inclusive Curricula

There’s no magic formula to creating inclusive curricula and the concomitant impacts on promoting student success and closing equity gaps. It will require a concerted, collaborative, all-hands-on-deck campus effort to remove structural barriers to the success of ALL students, but particularly those from disadvantaged and underrepresented groups.


Welcome New Commissioners 

Meet the newest Commissioners: Marta Yera Cronin, Oregon Representative; Stefani Hicswa, Montana Representative; Kevin Melcher, Public Member; Brad Mortensen, Utah Representative; and Joseph Schaffer, Out-of-Region Member

NWCCU Updates

Updated Ethics and DEI Statement

Commission Process and Fees Updates

Updates to Policies and Bylaws

New Vice President Joins NWCCU

New Senior Vice President Joins NWCCU

NWCCU Staffing Updates


Reminders & Events


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Institution Topic 

Catching Up with the 2021 Beacon Award Winners

Strategies for Implementing and Maintaining a High Quality HyFlex Course Delivery Program

RISE Learning Institute – Harnessing Synergies for Student Success


Equity &


Tackling College Hunger with Swipe Out Hunger

Pell Reinstatement Presents Opportunities for Colleges and for Students Behind Bars

University of Montana Leads $10M Project to Advance Native American STEM Education Across the West

Next Generation Assessment Web Bites feat. President Ramaswamy

 New Presidents

Welcome New Presidents

Join us in welcoming the new presidents in the Northwest! Learn who is new to Southern Utah University, Lane Community College, Blackfeet Community College, Seattle Central College, Snow College, Oregon State University, Western Oregon University, University of Oregon, North Idaho College, Alaska Pacific University, Skagit Valley College, Dawson Community College, and Rogue Community College!

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