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Still I’ll Rise

Academic institutions have continually adjusted to the changing landscape of the coronavirus, in the context of the fraught environment, NWCCU is helping create quantitative data and analytical systems and resources to identify benchmark quantitative and qualitative indicators.


Institutional Data Capacity Survey – Part 2

Continued look at the results from the Institutional Data Capacity Survey, and insight into the capacity (data, technology, and resources) of institutions to improve equitable outcomes through evidence-based approaches.

NWCCU Updates

Information about the 2021 NWCCU Annual Conference

Learn about the two-day annual conference event, and two days of pre-conference workshops, featuring leaders in higher education, data, technology, and beyond.

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Institution Topic 

Southern Utah University’s 3-Year Bachelor’s Degree

Learn how a comprehensive 3-year bachelor’s degree program was created at SUU that retained eight-semesters to completion, was a benefit to the community, and could result in saving hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on new buildings.

Equity &


Building Institutional Intercultural Competence through the Intercultural Development Inventory

Learn more about this theory-based, validated assessment for intercultural competence that identifies an individual and groups across a developmental continuum.

New Presidents

Welcome New Presidents

Join us in welcoming the new presidents and chancellors in the Northwest! Learn who is new to Linn-Benton Community College, Blue Mountain Community College, City University of Seattle, North Idaho College, Washington State University – Pullman, University of Washington – Bothell, Dawson Community College, University of Utah!


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