Annual Report

Each year member and candidate institutions are required to prepare and submit an annual report to the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. The purpose of the annual report is to update basic institutional data which enables the Commission to monitor institutional trends and changes.

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2020 Annual Report Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are the Annual Reports due?
A: They can be submitted any time before the deadline of August 1, 2020.

Q: Where are Program name changes reported?
A: Please submit a Substantive Change Form for each Program name change.

Q: Can we change our responses after we submit the report if something changes?
A: Yes. The Annual Report is not closed for changes until after the final August deadline.

Q: Can we print the report?
A: Yes. Once you have reached the last section, there is a review form link that allows you to print out the portion of the report with your submitted responses. It does not, however, print out any documents that you uploaded.

Q: Do we need to complete the report electronically, or can we send in a hard copy?
A: The report must be sent in electronically. NWCCU does not accept hard copies of the Annual Report.

Q: Can we enter some of the data and then return to the report later to finish it?
A: Yes. Just make sure to “save” the data you’ve entered by going on to the next section, or returning to a previous section (hitting the “back” or “next” buttons), or pressing the “save” button.