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V3I1: Introducing the NWCCU Equity Resource Library!

By: Jess Delegencia, Expert Consultant in Equity and Inclusion, NWCCU

Interested to know the difference between equity and equity-mindedness? How about anti-racist practices in online learning? Are you looking for a data tool that might help you benchmark equity and student success? What about learning specifically about Hmong or Native Hawaiian student success? You can find all of these, and more, in NWCCU’s Equity Resource Library.

NWCCU recognizes that closing equity gaps involves the critical and interrelated components of diversity, equity, inclusion and cultivating equity-mindedness. To assist in this evolutionary work, we have curated an Equity Resource Library, organized by headings that represent twenty transformation areas. Each heading takes you to a pre-curated set of resources in the selected transformation area. The Equity Resource Library is organized accordingly so your institution can focus on the specific transformation areas that are most applicable and relevant to your context. We recognize that each institution has its own unique strengths and opportunities in closing equity gaps, and the organization of the library is intended for your customized needs.

The Equity Resource Library is intended to save you time by curating in one place resources that you might deem helpful for your purposes. In addition, our hope is that you can leverage the resources to catalyze research-driven and data-informed transformation efforts in your institution. NWCCU will be highlighting specific resources from the library to catalyze conversations and promote leading practices in equity and inclusion regionally and nationally.

We invite you to explore the Equity Resource Library:


As part of the 2020 Standards for Accreditation and Eligibility Requirements, the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) is committed to the use of disaggregated data- and evidence-informed continuous improvements to help promote student achievement and close barriers to academic excellence and success, i.e., close equity gaps.

NWCCU has brought Jess Delegencia on board as an Expert Consultant in Equity and Inclusion. He will spearhead equity-related initiatives in the region, help support transformation efforts, and provide resources to institutions in closing equity gaps. Jess Delegencia is the curator and manager of the Equity Resource Library. For feedback, please feel free to contact:


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