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V5I3: Utah State University’s Commitment to Inclusive Excellence

Mar. 29, 2023 ⋅ Categories: Beacon, Equity, NWCCU


Utah State University’s vision for inclusive excellence prioritizes the following: Access to higher education, retention and completion particularly for underserved students, recruitment and retention of faculty and staff, building community and a sense of belonging for all. To support these efforts, USU has created a DEI Council and Roadmap to Inclusive Excellence.

The DEI Council is a cross-campus body created to support the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in its efforts to promote Inclusive Excellence at USU. The DEI Council includes faculty and a staff representative from each constituent college, along with representatives from various administrative units, statewide campuses, and undergraduate and graduate students. The Council was formed in September 2022 to support the Division of Diversity Equity and Inclusion in its efforts to promote inclusive excellence at USU.

The purpose of the Roadmap to Inclusive Excellence is to build and maintain a sense of community, belonging, and success by convening best practices, systems, and policies in support of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts on campus. USU’s aspiration is to be an institution that is welcoming and supportive of ALL. The Roadmap outlines three major goals and specific strategies to create an environment of inclusive excellence on campus, including: Creation of an inclusive and equitable campus community; recruitment, retention, and cultivation of a diverse student population; and recruitment, retention, and development of diverse faculty and staff.


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