Category: Equity

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V4I4: Neurodiversity Alliance at UNR

Neurodiversity Alliance advocates for and supports the neurodiverse UNR community   President Brian Sandoval speaking at the 2022 Neurodiversity Alliance Kickoff Reception In 2018, the Disability...Read More

V4I1: I owe, I owe, off to College I go

By: Sonny Ramaswamy, President, NWCCU College access, affordability, and success. A topic of significant local to national conversations, with responses ranging from hand wringing to proposals for tan...Read More

V3I4: Equity: Arc of the moral universe

By: Sonny Ramaswamy, President, NWCCU I happened to be in Washington, DC in September 2011 on a hush-hush trip as part of the intense vetting process when I was to be nominated by President Barack Oba...Read More
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