Category: Policies

V3I3: Updated Policies and Bylaws

The Bylaws, Standards, and Policies Committee has been working hard this year to review and update NWCCU policies to ensure that they align with current practice and updated Federal Regulations, we pl...Read More

V3I1: NWCCU Accreditation Handbook Update

Throughout a seven-year cycle, every institution is reviewed by NWCCU staff, teams of peer evaluators, and the Board of Commissioners in order to be sure that the institution is improving any problem ...Read More

Membership update from President Moore

I am writing to thank you for your participation in and support of the activities we initiated last November to gather information from you about how NWCCU can better achieve its mission of assuring e...Read More

Basic Institutional Data Form updated

NWCCU has completed the review and update of the Basic Institutional Data Form. The new form is streamlined in design and focus, and includes a supplemental spreadsheet for collecting information rega...Read More