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V3I3: Reflecting on the 2020 NWCCU Annual Conference

Thank you to all those that joined us for the 2020 NWCCU Annual Conference; held virtually on Zoom, November 18-20, 2020.

We had outstanding and insightful plenary presentations, topical discussions, and critical looks at the changes within higher education. Over the two and a half days of workshops, trainings, and presentations, we had over 600 attendees representing over 150 institutions. For those that missed the event, the schedule of presentations and guest speaker details can still be found listed online here.

Our presenters provided valuable resources to aid with our shared focus on higher education accreditation, closing equity gaps, and promoting economic and social mobility. Following the event, a survey was sent to conference registrants to hear reflections and solicit feedback on the session offerings.

There were 65 responses from those that joined for the Pre-Conference Workshops, and 85 submissions from Annual Conference attendees.








A selection of replies received:

I was impressed with the conference especially in light of the situation of being online. It was great to be able to keep up on things and hear what is happening in our arena.

“I greatly appreciate the caliber of presenters and the data that support their topics. Gets better each year. Thank you!”

“The topics were timely, and the range of cultural representation was broad. I am very much looking forward to viewing session recordings for those I missed, as well as repeating some I attended. I think the switch to the virtual format worked well overall and thank you for making this additional effort.”

The conference was very well coordinated and flowed smoothly; presentations were about the right length and the topics were great! I especially liked Matt Sigelman’s and Sandy Baum’s insights.

Patricia McGuire was amazing and inspirational. I want everyone in my institution to hear her.

I appreciated Ms. Crazy Bull’s talk because it helped counter the narrative that social and economic mobility means moving away from communities of origin.

The practitioner-led sessions on equity topics (Crazy Bull, Fries-Britt, McGuire) were especially useful and refreshing – even inspiring. As we continue to seek to close equity gaps, we will continually need guidance from people who have first-hand, authentic experience with what works.

“Cheryl Crazy Bull’s ideas were actually innovative, and I learned many things I would like to bring to my institution.”

In reflecting on the 2020 Annual Conference, several entries provided ideas for additional engagement. Many of the suggestions are being discussed and incorporated into ongoing NWCCU Educational Programming, Webinar topics, interactive trainings, as well as format and subjects of focus for the 2021 Annual Conference. Thank you to all that were able to join us and those that took the time to fill out the feedback survey.

Thank you again to the 2020 NWCCU Annual Conference sponsors: Vanguard, The Registry, and Civitas Learning.
We look forward to seeing you next year!


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