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V4I3: New Senior Vice President Joins NWCCU


In March, we welcome Gita Bangera, PhD, as Senior Vice President. She will be shadowing the Spring 2022 Evaluation Visits and will soon be allocated a liaison portfolio. Dr. Bangera mostly recently served as the first Dean of the Connected Learning Division at Bellevue College. She founded the RISE Learning Institute, developing it from concept to successful implementation to bring high impact practices such as Research, Project, and Service based learning to students across all disciplines. She has also served as the Interim Vice President of Instruction and Acting Co-President. She has served as a working group co-lead for the Accelerating Systemic Change Network, an Aspen Institute Rising Presidents Fellow and Advisory Board Member for the State-wide Faculty of Color Mentoring program.

Look for her in upcoming meetings, webinars, and educational programming as we welcome her to the NWCCU team.



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