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V4I1: Clatsop Community College Raises Money for Textbooks

For degree and certificate seeking students, textbooks can cost nearly $1,600 a year. After tuition fees and covering basic needs expenses (such as housing, food, utilities, etc.), the additional cost of textbooks can create a substantial barrier for those who are working to complete a degree or certificate program. Fernando Rojas Galvan teaches Spanish at Clatsop Community College in Astoria, Oregon. He also attended an Oregon community college, and now has children utilizing Oregon community colleges. He believes in the opportunities that they provide to communities so much, that he is taking to the road to spread the word and hopefully raise some funds for CCC students in the process.

Fernando wanted to find a way to combine his passion for outdoor adventure with helping students with financial need. He approached the college’s foundation with the idea to ride his bike to raise money for students’ textbooks while raising awareness about the work that is done at each of the community colleges to support students. Throughout this past year, the ClatsopCC Foundation and Fernando have been planning out the route and finding sponsors to make this a reality. He set off on July 5th and biked 60 to 90 miles a day to make the loop and return to Astoria on July 25th, gaining awareness for the goal of raising $150,000 to be able to scholarship at least one textbook to every academic student each term for the year.

Credit: Klamath Community College Facebook page

Fernando was known as the “Bandit Biking for Books” as he took off on his bicycle from Seaside, Oregon on an epic adventure to ride to all 17 community colleges in the state of Oregon. This 1,600 mile journey took him in a loop around the state for 20 days. Fun Fact: the Clatsop Community College mascot is Bandit the Racoon.

At each community college location, Fernando stopped to highlight the campus and meet with community college representatives to discuss efforts they are utilizing to help students with expenses and other concerns.

Credit: Clatsop Community College Facebook page

More information on the fundraising efforts can be found on the ClatsopCC Foundation webpage:


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