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V4I2: Tools For Building Intercultural Competence

By: Jess Delegencia, NWCCU DEI Consultant

Building Institutional Intercultural Competence through the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)

Post-secondary institutions engaged in efforts to build intercultural competence and cultural responsiveness at their school have a growing list of tools that they can access to support their efforts. One such tool is the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI). The IDI is a theory-based, validated assessment for intercultural competence. Distinct from other tools that measure personal characteristics or perceptions, the IDI identifies an individual and groups across a developmental continuum (Intercultural Development Continuum, pictured below). The IDI measures both mindset and skillset and can be leveraged for actionable steps in capacity building for individuals, groups, and the entire institution.

The IDI is 50-item questionnaire that has been rigorously validated globally and can be customized for institution-specific needs. Upon completion, individuals immediately receive results and a suggested plan for individual development. A sample individual report can be found here. For groups who complete it, group results can be generated to provide a framework for developing intercultural competence. A sample group report can be found here.

Any individual can pay a fee to take the IDI at any time. For groups interested in taking the IDI together, support from a qualified IDI administrator is recommended. Alternatively, institutions interested in leveraging the IDI in an ongoing manner can elect to have select representatives become qualified administrators who can in turn guide the process continuously.

For exploring ways institutions have leveraged the IDI for building their capacity in intercultural competence and cultural responsiveness, see examples from Purdue University and Dickinson College. NWCCU’s DEI consultant, Jess Delegencia, is not affiliated with the IDI organization but is a qualified IDI administrator who has led institutions and other organizations in leveraging the IDI.

For more information on the IDI, please consult the following the links: IDI General Information, 12 Reasons for Using the IDI, IDI Products and Pricing, IDI Qualifying Seminar, and Testimonials.

For other resources institutions can use to engage their community, please consult the NWCCU’s Equity Resources Library. You will find resources related to Evaluation and Assessment, and other tools for closing equity gaps in student achievement and for your institution.


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