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V6I3: NWCCU Vice President Receives $1.25M Grant

Jess Stahl, NWCCU Vice President of Data Science and Analytics, received a $1.25M grant from the Gates Foundation to improve access to postsecondary outcomes data.   

This grant will enable NWCCU to continue supporting our member institutions to engage in data-informed approaches to improve equitable outcomes and facilitate exploration of the Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP), a national student-level data system, among interested NWCCU member institutions.  

Dr. Stahl’s work will focus on enriching the value of the PDP for our member institutions and providing greater access to important research insights in partnership with the National Student Clearinghouse via modern privacy-enhancing technology and methods.   

As part of this effort, she will continue to grow the Data Equity Fellowship, which launched last year with an inaugural cohort of ~200 fellows across 80 institutions, nationally. As a complement to the Data Equity Fellowship, she will be launching a “data-informed decision-making simulation app” (tentatively code-named DataVersity) along with a national “friendly competition” (within the app) to improve equitable outcomes through simulated evidence-based actions based on relevant data in partnership with SACSCOC.   

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